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We are committed to providing for the children of the Temecula Valley. Our vision of growth is to build a foundation that is an ongoing source of financial assistance and human resource for the unfortunate children in Temecula Valley when requested.

Simply, we desire to be a strong resource in this community that provides for the children.

Our Goal

We award wishes on a case by case basis for diverse reason: children with medical disabilities, children with life threatening illnesses, families with children that have loss of income, terminally ill children, underprivileged children and so much more. We look at every child's wish request with the utmost sincere love in our hearts to ensure that we are able to make a difference in a child’s life. Each and every staff member participates in each and every wish of a child. We seek to grant as many wishes and dreams as possible upon request.

Wishes for Children Foundation is an organization that collaborates with all local charities.  Our only commitment is to raise money that will help children right here in Temecula Valley.  To accomplish this goal, we seek many avenues, ventures, and projects and the involvement of the community and its businesses.

As our organization's helping hands-all those involved from our founder to project and event volunteers-draw no salary.  Each and every volunteer gives 100% plus of their time and heart-felt love to help the children in our community.  Through strictly volunteer efforts, we have built alliances with many other foundations, charities, and organizations that have rendered us the opportunity to provide for needy children in many different capacities.   Wishes for Children Foundation allocates nearly 100% of every dollar raised to assisting children in the Temecula Valley.

When the need of a child is met, it brings to life a kindness that supersedes understanding, hope planted in their heart is not soon forgotten.

Pulling together as a community, providing for children in the Temecula Valley will make a difference.  The children we help will soon be the adults, building and maintaining this precious area.  Wishes for Children Foundation is committed to reach out to the community as their voice, their partner, and their help with the sole desire to give strength, vision and a smile to our children.

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